Aardvark Multimedia

Video and web design

Allen & Associates

Real estate valuation and consulting

Karen Batchelor

Life coach/genealogist

Dan Blue

Social Proof Marketing

Sara Davis


David Childers

Data Scientist at w3r Consulting


Graphic design collective

Lynn Crawford

Novelist and art critic


Providing solutions to illegally dumped tires that empower the community and promote safe and healthy neighborhoods

Dickinson by Design

Sustainable furniture making

Earth Stones

Nature’s best building products

EGB Designs

Web design agency focused on helping small businesses grow

44FortyFour Studio

Printed with love in Detroit

Enhanced Transition Center

Educational/vocational training center specializing in assisting individuals with disabilities transitioning from high school into adulthood


Green construction & consulting


Navigating a path from well-intentioned aid to human-centered solutions

Hands and Associates

Environmental and Safety Management

Kasak Legal

Law firm focused on protecting personal liberty and supporting the local business community

K Creative

Design solutions

Harry Kirsbaum

Writer and editor

Joseph Lavis

IT management/consulting for Johnson Controls and The Information Division

Marvin Shaouni Photography

Editorial and advertising photography

Neely Media Group

Nonfiction writer specializing in telling stories about Black entrepreneurship

Charlie Nordstrom

Naval architect and offshore wind energy specialist

Clair Leighton

Sustainability Consultant

Pages Bookshop

Community bookstore

Pill Pouch / Elderberry

A pill management system / Restoring elders and their stories to the center of our communities

Students Get Fit

Get buff. Win stuff.

Tunde Wey – From Lagos

casual artisanal fare + communal dining

Sidewalk Ventures

Unlocking the power of community-based investment

Sprouts IO

Microfarms for personal produce

Tricycle Collective

Keeping Detroit at home

Works Untitled LLC

Strategy and consulting to support the launch of art and design projects in cities throughout the world

Zoom Detroit Studios

Illustration, animation, graphic design and videography studio